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Science faces a manyfold mission: Searching for truth and thus reflecting the intrinsic value of enlightenment, contributing to sustainable developments – and at the same time reflecting on societal challenges with a critical distance. Transcending the inherent conflicts of these missions – that’s how science creates added value. Strengthening the dialogue of science and society will therefore make science and innovation even more valuable. 

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Referat ETH-Bereich: Eigenständig und vom Bund gesteuert H.I.T - How to have impact in Science Politics in Switzerland and Europe: Workshop WWF Schweiz Nachhaltigkeit an Schweizer Hochschulen Rating-Studie 2021 Evaluation 2021 der Studierfähigkeit der Berufsmaturitäts-Absolventinnen und -Absolventen an den Fachhochschulen


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