Public Sector Reform

The goal of public sector reforms is to add innovation and value to the impact of politics. Focusing the political leadership on the strategic level and shifting from a cost-oriented governance to a management by objectives, increases agility and flexibility on the implementation side. Such reforms take time and depend on cultural changes. 

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Strategische Ansätze im Sozialbereich 10. Ljubljana Forum From Digital Transformation to Driving Innovation and Sustainability – SMART City Zurich as an Example Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FFHNW Nachhaltigkeit und Digitalisierung – Vektoren der Zukunft Neues Führungsmodell für die Bundesverwaltung: Vollzugs- und Wirkungsevaluation Seminaire MPMP IDEAHP 2022 Partie A Seminaire MPMP IDEAHP 2022 Partie B Seminaire MPMP IDEAHP 2022 Partie C Seminaire MPMP IDEAHP 2022 Partie D


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